La Mer Crème de la Mer Moisturizer vs Versed Skin Rich Moisture Cream

Brandefy compared the Crème de la Mer Moisturizer to the Skin Rich Moisture Cream. Here's what they had to say:

La Mer is $180 for 1 oz, while Versed is $18 for 1.5 oz. *While these two products are rumored dupes on the internet, we would argue they are not ingredient dupes at all. They only share Glycerin and Vitamin E in common. We do think the Versed is a great alternative for people who have sensitive skin but want to give a cream a try. Versed contains hyaluronic acid which is great for dry skin and it is considered a clean product. La Mer, on the other hand, while being a cult favorite, has several ingredients that are bad for sensitive skin such as citric acid and eucalyptus. La Mer is also not recommended for people who break out frequently and/or have oily skin. If you LOVE La Mer, we recommend you stick with it (hello, that intoxicating smell). If you have dry skin, but sensitive skin, Versed may be a great alternative for you. La Mer has an EWG score of 6 while Versed has an EWG score of 2. Our reviewers felt Versed had no scent, while La Mer has its signature baby powder/perfume scent. Additionally, Versed is slightly thinner and absorbs faster than La Mer.

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