Photo of 15% vitamin c + e + ferulic acid serums.

Say Hello To Brighter Skin

Get the glow with our best-selling 15% Vitamin C serum!

Screenshot of the brandefy app comparing the $182 SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic to the $49 Brandefy skin 15% vitamin c + e + ferulic acid serum and a screenshot of the community section where users chat with each other about all things beauty.

Luxury, deconstructed.

It’s insane when you think about it. The same beauty product with the same active ingredients can be put in a bougie bottle and end up with a triple markup...

The only difference? The brand name attached to it.

So we took the name away and made some improvements along the way— enhancing with extra benefits and tossing out the luxury price tag.

Brandefy has been featured in Byrdie, glossy, who what wear, wwd, forbes, and more!

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