Where It All Started

Well, it really started with our founder, Meg Pryde’s discovery that the same product was often put into different packages with a different brand name and sold for triple the price. This is happening in several industries, and Meg couldn’t believe it! She then created an app to build a community of beauty enthusiasts that help each other discover when the $25 serum is really as good as the $90 serum, versus when it is worth it to pay up.

Our community compares products side-by-side to tell you when a less expensive product feels, smells, and functions the same while also reporting on ingredients. We exist to help beauty enthusiasts learn, find transparency, and develop their own beauty regimen to defy the expected and define beauty on their own terms.


More About Brandefy Skin

With the realization of hefty markups in beauty, and the lack of affordable alternatives to many popular prestige products, we decided to work to change the standard, bring transparency to our community, and defy the expected. We partner with world class chemists and the best manufacturers (that make the prestige brands you know and love) to bring these fiercely formulated products directly to you - without the traditional hefty markup.

Our products are clinically formulated, dermatologist recommended, skincare lover approved, and most importantly, decided by you. We take your requests, opinions, and feedback to develop products that you actually want. Not ones the internet says you MUST have. Together we can co-create products for results you can see and feel.


Formula Philosophy

  • Our community inspires our product development process in order to deliver formulations that are requested by and made for you.

  • Efficacy is at the forefront of every product we create. Each of our formulations will be developed to achieve results with powerhouse actives delivered at efficacious levels.

  • Our products will always be cruelty-free through every step of our development process.

  • Thoughtfully packaging our products is important to preserve the efficacy of active ingredients as well as allowing us to be focused on our environmental impact.