Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint- G9 vs The Ordinary Serum Foundation (Shade 2.0N)

Carianne compared the Perfecting Skin Tint- G9 to the Serum Foundation (Shade 2.0N). Here's what they had to say:

The biggest difference between Glossier Skin Tint and The Ordinary Serum Foundation is in the opacity. Glossier feels and looks like a moisturizer. It has a very liquidy consistency, and when applied to the face, it has a creamy feeling like a nice moisturizer. Glossier Skin Tint would be excellent for anyone who already has great skin and just wants a teeny bit of color to balance out your skin tone. It will not provide any coverage to discoloration caused by acne or acne scarring. The Ordinary Serum Foundation is more like a traditional foundation in opacity, but it is also a liquidy consistency. It will provide you with some coverage without feeling heavy. If you enjoy Glossier skin tint, you may find The Ordinary is too opaque and similar to a foundation, while if you like The Ordinary, you may find glossier does not provide any coverage. Regardless, both products feel really nice and light on the skin.n.

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