Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Here's how our team takes care of the planet today, and every day.

Happy Earth Day! Here are some of our team members' favorite ways to take care of the planet.



Pollinator Gardens



"I planted and maintain a pollinator garden to help support the local population of bees and other pollinators."
-Meg Pryde, Founder & CEO






"I reduce my food waste by composting. It's one of the top things you can do to fight climate change."
-Kyiala, Brand Manager






"I love to thrift to reduce participation in fast fashion. I also get to support local small businesses and find unique pieces."
-Maia, Business Development Representative



Conscious Consumption



"I am reusing bags for groceries, opting for refillable water bottles to reduce plastic waste, and considering meat-free meals to lower my carbon footprint."
-Harish, Technical Lead