Laneige Water Sleeping Mask vs Freeman Glacier Water and Pink Peony Hydrating Anti Pollution Gel Cream Mask

Sophia compared the Water Sleeping Mask to the Glacier Water and Pink Peony Hydrating Anti Pollution Gel Cream Mask. Here's what they had to say:

Brandefy Note - Both of these masks contain Hyaluronic Acid to hydrate the skin. They also both have several different flower and fruit extracts to soothe the skin (but different ones). The Freeman mask contains lavender oil, which makes it a nice treat for nighttime. Sophia says: I love Laneige Water Sleeping Mask, however, after finding Freeman Hydrating Gel Cream Mask, I might not ever repurchase the Laneige mask. Apart from some differences, these products are so, so similar. One of the differences is in smell. Laneige has more of an artificial fragrance compared to Freeman. However, neither has a fragrance that is too strong. The next difference is in absorption. Laneige absorbs almost immediately into skin, it's like your skin actually drinks up this water mask. Freeman, on the other hand, takes much longer to absorb and does sit on your skin compared to Laneige. Consistency and the results is what makes these products so similar. Not only do these products feel almost exactly the same but the morning after using these products my skin looked hydrated and felt plump. There were multiple nights were I tested wearing Laneige on one side of my face and Freeman on the other. There was no difference in the results, with the exception of Freeman not absorbing as much as Laneige. In addition, I prefer Freeman's packaging over Laneige. Freeman comes in a squeezable tube, while Laneige comes in a tub. Overall, I think these products feel the same and yield the same results. I would rather save 20 dollars and use Freeman Hydrating Gel Cream Mask.

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