Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask vs Bliss What a Melon Mask

MK compared the Jet Lag Mask to the What a Melon Mask. Here's what they had to say:

First I would like to celebrate that both brands being reviewed are cruelty-free. The first big difference would be the price which you get the Summer Fridays for $48.00 while you get the Bliss one for only $15.00. Size does matter and in the Bliss you get only 1.7 fl oz., where the Summer Fridays Mask you are getting 2.25 oz. Now when you look at things you can clearly see a difference as one comes in a long skinny box while the other comes in a short smaller box. In this case, looks can be deceiving as the Summer Fridays box makes you expect the product to be bigger than it actually is which personally I feel is a waste and they really should scale a little down on the packaging which could reflect in a small price decrease. The bliss packaging is perfect as you know what you are truly getting. The box does not trick you and I was really pleased when I opened my jar that it had the extra lid top to really keep the product locked in and fresh. I also would like to say that while the Summer Fridays Mask has nice tubing for its packaging the product does not stand up very well unless you keep it in the box, where the bliss one fits perfectly on my vanity and can be proudly displayed. You would expect that for the price you would be able to display it easily but Summer Fridays lets you down on this greatly with this. Now as for smell clearly the Bliss What A Melon is going to be the winner here and boy is that smell refreshing on a hot summer day. The Summer Fridays mask honestly has minimal smell and nothing memorable. As for texture, they both are creamy but the Bliss mask was more of a gel where the Summer Fridays felt more like a true lotion. I at first thought I was putting a moisturizer on rather than a mask with the feel of the product. Now at the end, I actually use both on days that I was very dry as they are supposed to be for super stressed skin and was shocked at the results. Summer Friday went onto my skin and felt okay at first but when it dried it felt a little sticky to the point where it says you can leave it on however I could not stand the sticky feel and washed off with warm water. My skin felt a little better but not enough for me to recommend that others go out and splurge on this mask. Now the Bliss beauty bargain I call it blew my mind away. First, the feel of the mask on the skin felt soothing and truly refreshing on my skin. The other big shock was the Watermelon scent which was not too overpowering. I did sleep in this and woke up to very hydrated glowing skin which surprised me at this price point. So let's be honest for $15 I got the results I wanted with dry, stressed skin where when we spent $48 I was not in love or like with the results. *It should be noted that Summer Fridays is considered 'Clean at Sephora' and has and EWG score of 2. Bliss is considered 'Clean at Target' and has an EWG score of 4.

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