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Find allies & affordable alternatives.

Our community is centered around finding the highest quality, affordable alternatives. We help each other take control of our beauty journey and understand what is worth paying for - versus what companies tell us we need.

Find cruelty-free & vegan swaps in the app.

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Let’s break the rules, together.

The beauty industry is known for its big margins and BIG companies that own nearly all the brands. Brandefy is a place that doesn’t partner with brands, so our community can share an inside look with each other. Do big beauty companies like us? Probably not. ;) But we’re not for them.

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Luxury formulations - directly from the manufacturers.

In our fight to change the crazy markups in beauty - we partnered directly with the same manufacturers that make the fancy brands you’ve always loved, to bring the same quality to you at a fraction of the price. Sans middleman markup. And no, our packaging isn’t fancy. BUT our formulas are absolute FIRE.

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Brandefy is my go-to before I purchase products. Not only does it save me time and money but it has also educated me so much on the products I use. Plus, you get honest opinions and comparisons.Brandefy

- Traci313


To help you take control of your beauty journey - through our helpful community & luxe products without the fancy labels.

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